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Penn State College of Medicine is committed to enhancing the quality of life through improved health, the professional preparation of those who will serve the health needs of others, and the discovery of knowledge that will benefit all.


To guide the development and life-long learning of a humanistic, systems physician who is adaptive, critical-thinking, collaborative and scholarly.


Respect, Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence


– Listen, hear and give credit
– Embrace our diverse backgrounds, talents, and perspectives
– Be compassionate, thoughtful, considerate, and kind


– Be the best you can be, every time
– Have moral courage to ask hard questions of ourselves and others
– Be consistent and fair

Team Work

– Commit to working together to ensure the best experience for co-workers, patients and trainees
– Share knowledge for the benefit of the team
– Earn the trust of your teammates


– Align personal performance with our mission, vision, values, and strategic imperatives
– Set personal goals and exceed expectations
– Always be solution-focused

By far the main goal of the LCME accreditation process is to promote institutional self-evaluation and improvement. This is CQI – the Continuous Quality Improvement we strive for in our clinical, research and education missions. It is Practice-Based Learning and Improvement – the same competency we expect of our students and residents. It is our time to engage in learning and improvement on an institutional level.

Latest News and Information

Our site visit date has been set!

The LCME will be here February 25th-28th 2018.

On April 13th, 2016, members of our LCME committee attended a pre LCME Survey Workshop in Washington , D.C.. During this time, they were able to hear from the LCME Secretariat and ask questions. They also heard a presentation from a Medical School who had just gone through the site visit and accreditation process. The day was very informative and will be helpful come our site visit.

Independent Student Analysis: A student committee has spent the last few months preparing a LCME pre- visit survey. This survey will be handed out  to all medical students over the next few weeks. The student committee will then compile the results and share them with the LCME subcommittees. This information will help us prepare for our official LCME visit.

Did you know?

I am interested in information on the accreditation process for the expansion of the regional campus?

The University Park Campus is not set up as a separate campus so therefore, it will not have to go through a separate accreditation process.  The  University Park expansion will be carefully reviewed by the survey team that does our February 2018 College of Medicine accreditation review.

During the LCME  visit, what will be required  of medical staff that teach and the College of Medicine faculty?

The most important thing is that the faculty should  be knowledgeable about the competencies and vision of the Medical School.   Information is posted on this website that addresses these items.


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